How is the Outreach Program going so far?

During the last internship meeting with my mentors, they suggested as a final meeting topic “Feedback on mentoring”.  I found that really useful. It’s a great idea to provide a space to talk about the human part and social interactions. Thanks!

One mentor said:

I’ve been doing mentoring for years. A couple GSoCs, a NM process, etc. And I have to say that it’s probably the first time that I have the clear feeling that I’m spending way less time mentoring, than I would spent doing the work myself.

It also feels comforting to read the blog posts of my co-interns, especially While getting things not done by Anke who works as an intern with Wikimedia.

While understanding and writing the AppArmor documentation for Debian, I realize how high the barriers to contribute to Free Software actually are: one needs to read a lot of documentation, learn many different tools, but also have social interactions with package maintainers and upstream / source code developers, request access and logins to various websites and repositories.
It’s not easy to make the first step. But once you’ve done it, you can make a second one, and then slowly learn how to run.




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