Tracking AppArmor related bugs in Debian

For newcomers, it’s quite hard to understand where to request or submit bugs, patches, modifications for Debian packages.This post shall hilight a little bit how the Debian Bug Tracking System works, and how we track AppArmor related bugs there.

In Debian, nearly everything is documented somewhere. One simply needs to find the information.

Package tracker

On the Debian package tracking system, one can always find links to the corresponding Git repository for a package as well as links to the bugs affecting a package, see for example the apparmor-profiles-extra package page (Git, bugs). This package contains various AppArmor profiles which have not yet been included within the software package they are supposed to confine.

Bug tracker

The Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS) is package-centric. That means, that you can file bugs only against a package. There are also pseudo-packages, like wnpp. wnpp stands for “work needing and prospective packages”. This is where people file RFP (Request For Packaging) and ITP (Intent To Package) bugs.

How does one file a bug?

The Debian BTS is email based. That means, that you need to file or reply to bugs using an email client.

There is a great interactive tool, which can be used either from the command line: reportbug or from the graphical interface. reportbug will guide you through the process of sending a bug to the BTS, while formatting your bug report correctly and providing some information about your operating system and versions of installed packages.

How can we track bugs related to AppArmor?

How can we track bugs in packages which might be related to AppArmor, for example, due to a buggy AppAmor profile?

As already mentioned on this blog, there is a great feature on that BTS. It’s called a usertag. Basically, usertagging a bug means, to add a user’s email address and a specific tag to a bug number. Like that, one can mark a bug, for example in the auditd package, which thus becomes visible to the Debian AppArmor Team.

The only problem with usertags is that one should define them first, in order to be able to keep track.


We defined some usertags together, which rely on our User Story scenarios.

You can find all tags and their descriptions in our documentation: how to report a bug involving AppArmor in Debian?




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