Querying Debian’s Ultimate Database for new usertags

Debian has this great thing called the Ultimate Debian Database, UDD.

As I described in my previous post, Debian’s Bug Tracking System is package centric. Only package maintainers get informed if, for a package they maintain, a bug is opened or commented on. There are no email notifications if a bug is tagged with a keyword though (“usertagged”).

But UDD’s documentation is great! One can simply read the database scheme and then write all sorts of scripts to access the data in this database. That is what I did during the last days. I had a lot of fun finally applying what I learned at one of Coursera’s Python courses. Still, my coding style needs a lot of improvements, and the mentors are heavily reviewing the code 🙂 I am happy about this as sometimes things simply work and then one does not care enough to improve them even more.

Anyhow, now, everytime a bug is tagged for the AppArmor Packaging Team, the team mailing list receives an email. Yay.

To make this happen, a cronjob runs on Alioth every day and checks for added and deleted tags.




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