AppArmor @Debconf15

In August I went to my first DebConf in Heidelberg/Germany and was happy to meet in person with some of the team mates and one of the upstream developers and maintainers of AppArmor in OpenSuSE, Christian Boltz. Christian presented AppArmor’s inner functioning to the Debian community:

After his talk some of us discussed the long imagined and longed for cross-distro repository for AppArmor profiles. Now that Launchpad supports Git, not only Bazaar, this repository shall help at least Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuSE share profiles and mutually profit from updates. For now, the discussion about how to organize such a repository still lives on Debian’s gobby, but will certainly be sent to Ubuntu and upstream developers to be improved and approved.

During DebConf, several people encouraged me to apply to Debian’s New Maintainer queue and I’ve decided to so – as soon as I’ve accomplished a little bit more work on my open WNPP bugs (those are new packages which I’ve the intention to get into Debian).